Progress in action

HartFord Global Ltd is an international consultancy firm in the fields of Engineering, Infrastructure, Research, Industrial and Energy development.  Through ‘Total Analysis’, our unique, reflexive approach linking macroeconomic, industry and financial market analysis, we help clients gain unparalleled insight across major industries and the global markets.


A new development paradigm in Africa

Knowledge, Expertise, Research good people and collaboration. We make the world a better place for everybody.

With vast experience and an excellent track record, we have positioned ourselves as the ideal solution for all industries and development projects.  HartFord Global Ltd is an international consultancy firm in the fields of engineering, technical services, Research, Industry and innovation. The firm employs a dynamic team of experienced engineers and technically trained employees with diverse experience in most disciplines relating to engineering services. HartFord Global provides reliable and professional Consultancy services based on a half century of knowledge and experience across a wide variety of projects and industries.

We provide services in the fields of engineering, geoscience, environmental studies, IT and construction material research. We also offer complete project management and EPCM services. Our services are divided into three core fields: renewable energy & transmission; industry and oil & gas and infrastructure.

Experience and knowledge of a wide range of projects ensures that our customers receive reliable and professional services in the fields of energy, industry and infrastructure that meet the strictest quality requirements.


HartFord Global is an international consultancy firm operating in as one of major key players in the advisory & consulting sectors. With a support of international team of experts who strive to ensure the profitability of our customers’ projects, while focusing on safety, the environment and delivering professional services.

Equal-opportunity Policy

HartFord’s policy is that full equality shall prevail and that every employee is evaluated on grounds of her/his merit, ensuring the company’s human resources being utilized to the best extent possible.

Promises to our clients
  • We provide the highest value and drive and always seek to exceed expectations.
  • We create a trust based relationship and keep all work specifics confidential.
  • We provide resources to address clients immediate needs at a reasonable cost.
Our Vision & Mission

Our team is lead by individuals from top consulting firms and industry leaders who understand our clients. We focus on bringing top talent, with appropriate experience to any client engagement.


HartFord Global is an ambitious and interesting workplace where open-mindedness, knowledge and joy are assured. The future of the company is largely based on the employees, who are recruited because of their qualifications, ambitions and personal characteristics.

HartFord Global is concerned about the health of its employees and has made it a part of the company´s personnel policy to maintain a work environment that promotes good occupational health, safety and overall employee well being. HartFord Global ensures that the work environment and conditions fulfill requirements for occupational health and safety.

HartFord Global seeks to set a good example in environmental affairs and ensures that legal requirements regarding environmental affairs are fulfilled.